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Training Info

Please note the following details for training days, times and who to contact for more information.

All training sessions are being held at Malak Oval.

Darwin Olympic Training Times
Women Premier League -  Tuesday 6:30pm, Thursday 6:30pm Coach: Steven Lolias
Mens Premier League -  Tuesday 6:30pm, Thursday 6:30pm Coach: TBC


  Day of the week      
Age group Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Start time Location Coach
U6 Red         5:00pm Malak Oval Manoli Maragos
U6 Gold   x       5:00pm Malak Oval Demetri Politarchis
U6 White         5:00pm Malak Oval Sally
U7 Gold         5.00pm Malak Oval Jade Bates
U7 Red      x     5.30pm Malak Oval Nik Halkitis
U8 White    x       5:30pm Malak Oval Barbara
U8 Red       x   5:30pm Malak Oval Shai Turner
U9         5.30pm Malak Oval Charlie 
U10 Red    x       5.00pm Malak Oval Charlie
U10 White     x   x 5:00pm Malak Oval Theresa Amidy
U11         5:00pm Malak Oval Terry Fannon
U12      x   W5:00pm, T5:00pm Malak Oval Edward
U14    x    x   5:00pm Malak Oval Louis Buntin & Ponloue Yin
U16  x    x     5:30pm Malak Oval Ilias Yayakos
Division One   x   x   6:30pm Malak Oval Chris Christakis & Nik Mavros
Men's Premier Reserves   x   x   6.30pm Malak Oval Eddie Carroll
Men's Premier League   x    x    6.30pm Malak Oval TBC
Women's Premier League   x   x   6:30pm Malak Oval Steven Lolias


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